Dynamo 2.0

Task manager with animated images for each program

Dynamo 2 is a cool, animated task manager for your PocketPC 2003 device. Say goodbye to boring text lists of running programs and instead manage your programs by sliding in images of all your running applications onto your screen. For each program on your device an image is saved and when you click the hotkey they all zoom onto your screen. Simply click the one you want and it will increase to fill the screen. Quickly seeing all the running programs is far more efficient than having to read through a text-based task list so Dynamo can make task switching a much faster, and cooler, experience.

Dynamo also allows you to quit programs from inside the image view meaning that it does everything your old text-based program manager could do.

As well as just looking generally cooler, Dynamo 2 offers far more customization than before and allows the whole application to be controlled using either your PDAs hardware keys or the stylus.

New features include:

  • Application titles now displayed when stylus moved over image
  • Selected application now highlighted in Dynamo
  • Fully controllable using the PDA cursor pad
  • Close icon at the corner of every application... no more awkward holding buttons to close programs
  • Ability to change stored image quality to save memory
  • Quickly alterable appearance using themes
  • Far more customizable with many appearance settings
  • Ability to create your own themes
  • Runs on VGA PDAs
  • Option to change snapshot update rate - can stop jerkiness when playing games or movies
  • Animation speed improvements
  • Various bug fixes including closing programs, remapping hotkey and detecting running programs

A popular, comprehensive task-management program.

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Dynamo 2.0

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